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COVID-19 Updates

1: We are doing everything within our power to keep you safe, now we ask you to do the same for us (send someone to pick up that's not sick or been exposed, don't pick up if you're not practicing social distancing, wash your hands often and finally use the 6 ft rule when picking up your order). Thanks.
2: Breakfast is available 7 days a week (new hours) from 9AM to Noon.
3: Lunch and dinner is available 7 days a week from 11AM to 9PM.
4: Family Meal Kits for 4, 6, & 8 people are available but must be ordered online by 3PM for pick up 5PM. These meals are filling and delicious.
5: The Porker & Cluck of the Week are available again. (see our daily specials flyer).
6: Check out our daily specials.
7: We can now sell bottles of wine and cold beer to go!!
8: We can cater full meals or box lunches (pick up or drop off and go).
Thanks to all of for your continued support. Stay healthy my friends.

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